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Arjan may be a new district within Dubailand, situated on the outskirts of Dubai. The community is bordered by Al Barsha South towards the north and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road towards the south. Further down south, there's Dubai Detroit – home to Dubai Autodrome.

The project was launched in 2006 as a part of the Dubailand development. By September 2020, the community has 48 completed buildings and another 37 are under development. The road network is fully developed.

Arjan features residential complexes, commercial buildings and retail developments. The neighbourhood is popular for having two of the foremost visited parks in Dubai: Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden.


Freehold mixed-use development

Part of the Dubailand ‘megacity’ project

Situated at the intersection of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Umm Suqeim Road (D63)

Developed by Dubai Properties Group

Launched in 2006

Properties feature residential complexes, commercial towers and retail developments

Home to Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden

Approximately 15 kilometres from the shores of Dubai



Arjan community is usually composed of apartment buildings that fall under the category of low to mid-rise. Since this community is fairly new and remains within the making, the general feel and appearance of the community is quiet and peaceful. The roads are freed from excessive noise and traffic and therefore the population here is significantly low. this might be a perfect place for families to measure in because it is on the brink of key areas of Dubai where rents are higher as compared to the apartments for rent in Arjan.


The district of Arjan Dubailand has quite few residential sub-communities. a couple of of which are Lincoln Park, Green Diamond, Vincitore Palacio, Siraj Tower and Platinum One. Within any of those communities, you're likely to seek out a spread of latest apartments for rent.

Those curious about commercial properties can find numerous offices and retail shops in Arjan Dubailand.


Respectively, a rental studio in Arjan will accompany 500 sq. ft. of floor space, one bath and can typically hire out for as low as AED 19k once a year . For monthly rent of studios, one will find variable rates.

Next, a typical 1-bedroom unit for rent in Arjan will accompany 750 sq. ft. to 1,157 sq. ft. of floor space with one bath. you'll expect to pay an annual rent ranging between AED 29k and AED 75k.

The rent for a 2-bedroom unit range from AED 40k to AED 98k once a year . Finally, a 3-bedroom rental Arjan flat is that the largest one can lease. It comes standard with three baths and 1,600 sq. ft. to 3,224 sq. ft. of floor space. Annual rents start from AED 50k and go up to AED 175k.

One also can rent offices in Arjan at a price range of AED 25k yearly and AED 189k yearly. These office units are available in Diamond Business Centre, Resortz by Danube and therefore the Light Commercial Tower.

Rental price of outlets in Arjan are often as low as AED 38k once a year and as high as AED 540k once a year.


Those looking to take a position during a property here will find the costs to be competitive. For a studio purchasable in Arjan, prices will range between the costs of AED 285k to 592k. The sale price for 1-bedroom flats in Arjan is between AED 350k and AED 1.43M.

For those looking to get 2-bed units in Arjan, the value are going to be as low as AED 525k and as high as AED 1.60M. Moving on, if you're opting to shop for a 3-bed flat, the worth will range between AED 850k and AED 1.63M. the value for purchasing a 4-bed unit are going to be AED 5.8M.

Offices purchasable in Arjan is priced from AED 320k to AED 495k. for purchasing a store in Arjan, prices are between AED 1.27M and AED 6.7M.


The highest ROI in Arjan is of studio units of 6.0%. It goes right down to 5.7% for 2-bedroom units. 3-bed and 1-bed flats follow with returns of 5.5% and 5.4%, respectively.


Being the primary in line in terms of recognition in Arjan, Lincoln Park may be a residential complex. It features low-rise buildings inspired by the architectural sorts of Chicago. The complex was constructed by DAMAC Properties featuring 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartment units. Apartments for rent in Lincoln Park are quite affordable. for purchasing apartments in Lincoln Park, prices are between AED 285k and AED 830k.

Meraki Genesis is that the second hottest building on the list. it's an 11-storey mid-rise building features studios, 1 and 2-bedroom flats with modern designs.

Green Diamond takes the third spot within the hottest buildings in Arjan, Dubai. it had been developed by Diamond Developers providing urban and upbeat lifestyle. it's a twin-tower complex, where each building has 8-storeys above the bottom level with 194 apartments. Apartment types include 2 and 3-bedroom units with numerous amenities.

Platinum One takes the fourth spot. Inspired by ny architecture and contemporary design the building offers luxury residences. There are a complete of 283 managed apartments for rent in Platinum One with amenities like roof-top swimming bath , jacuzzi and a fitness centre.

The Wings gather the list of the highest buildings in Arjan.


Those trying to find Arjan floor plans can flick through the ground plans available for popular communities/buildings in Arjan.


To the relief of most residents, finding parking spaces in Arjan isn’t a problem . Buildings offer a minimum of 1 parking lot for every unit, those with quite one vehicle can park on the road . Arjan is usually a residential neighbourhood so you’re quite likely to seek out an honest parking spot ahead of your apartment house.


For those wondering about public transportation in Arjan, it's recommended that you simply have your own vehicle. Public transportation links to the community are currently limited, this is often expected to vary because the community matures.

You can catch bus F36 from bus stops operating within the community. These include Arjan, Damac Westside Buildings 1, Arjan, Damac Westside Buildings 2, Arjan, Damac Northside Buildings 1, Arjan, Damac Northside Buildings 2, Arjan, Geepas Tower 1 and Arjan, Geepas Tower 2.



There are three supermarkets in Arjan itself and quite few nearby. the primary one is Lifco Supermarket which is found within the Platinum One Tower. The remaining are located in Lincoln Park, here you'll find Blue Mart Supermarket Arjan, Loyal Minimart and JMA Supermarket. These supermarkets are good to refill on daily essentials. Wintouch Supermarket Arjan also provide quick access to grocery.

If you favor visiting larger supermarkets you'll find that there's a Carrefour Market in My city center Barsha which is true outside the neighbourhood. Just south of Arjan, Detroit also has two branches of Carrefour Market and a Spinney’s supermarket.


As there are a couple of churches near Arjan residents won’t need to drive far to attend Sunday prayer meeting . as an example , both United Christian Church of Dubai and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church are just quarter-hour faraway from Arjan.

Regarding temples in Arjan, for those adhering to the Hindu Faith, there's the Shiva Temple which is 32 minutes away within the community Al Souq Al Kabeer, situated on Al Fahidi Street, opposite of Dubai Museum.

The closest Sikh gurudwara is Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Dubai, it's just quarter-hour away within the district of Jebel Ali. it's a huge gurudwara and is popular among the Sikh community.

For Muslims, there are quite few large mosques near Arjan. Just north of Arjan is that the community of Al Barsha South which has several mosques perfectly equipped and constructed to facilitate worshippers for Friday prayers. The closest large mosques are Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Mosque and Khalfan Bin Shannaf Mosque, both of which are just 6 minutes away.


Those trying to find nurseries will find many options within the nearby neighbourhood. Kids World Nursery in JVC, Raffles Nursery in Arabian Ranches and Emirates British Nursery in Detroit are highly popular.

Parents of school-aged children can find many reputable schools in Arjan. for instance , just 6 minutes west of Arjan is Nord Anglia International School Dubai. This school is fully equipped: it's a lab , an auditorium, swimming pools, a library and highly qualified teaching staff. It follows British curriculum.

Another school that's just two minutes west of central Arjan is Safa Community School. This school provides the inspiration , primary and education supported British and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. There also are some sports facilities within the school which include a swimming bath , a gridiron and a running track.

In addition, there also are other schools to settle on from which are located accessible within the neighbouring community of Al Barsha. Many of the faculties in Al Barsha are highly reputed.

University options are often found in Dubai Knowledge Park, quarter-hour away or Dubai International Academic City, 20 minutes away.


There is one clinic in Arjan, 7 Dimensions Medical Centre. additionally to its regular services, it offers many specialized services like medicine , physiotherapy , chiropractic medicine and therapy.

To visit nearby clinics, you'd need to drive right down to Dubai Detroit , 8 minutes away. Here you'll find Medicentres Clinic, Prime center , Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & center and HealthBay.

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital in Arjan is that the closest medical building capable of handling medical emergencies. this is often a fully-equipped hospital in Al Barsha that adheres to international standards to supply the very best level of care. one among the simplest things about this hospital is that it’s just three minutes away. Residents will find the hospital on the eastern end of the community, near Umm Suqeium Street (D63).


Arjan isn't a secluded community by any means because it is sandwiched between some prominent suburbs. To its immediate south lies the suburb of Dubai Detroit . To its west, you'll find Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). To its east, there’s not much development but going further ahead you’ll discover the town of Arabia. one among the perks of living in Arjan is that you’ll have quick access to Dubai Miracle Garden which may be a popular tourist destination and attraction.



Although the Arjan community is at a distance from the most areas of Dubai, you’ll be surprised at what proportion there's to ascertain and neutralize Arjan.


Currently, there are not any major malls in Arjan. The closest mall is My city center Al Barsha. This mall may be a mere three minutes away because it is directly outside the community. This mall may be a complete shopping, dining and entertainment hub. If you would like to get groceries, the mall features a Carrefour inside. There also are several other facilities like pharmacies, banks, exchange centres and more inside the mall. aside from all this, there are, of course, fashion brand stores.

There is also The Circle Mall within the community of JVC which is simply a 10-minute drive westbound of central Arjan. it's expected to be complete at the top of 2019.

Another mall worth visiting and is additionally accessible is city center Me’aisem situated in Dubai Production City, which is simply 10 minutes away. beat all, Arjan Dubailand has several malls located around it.


There are a couple of restaurants in Arjan, mainly casual dining eateries. Restaurants that are within the community are the Noodle House for oriental cuisine, Zest Restaurant for contemporary and fusion food, Papa Murphy’s Pizza for pizza and Khanna Badosh for Indian/Pakistani food. For those with a appetite , just three minutes away in Dubai Miracle Garden may be a popular bakery referred to as Saj 2 Go which makes fresh Lebanese style sweets and confectionery items.

The My city center Al Barsha also features a food court which features a sort of restaurants to settle on from like McDonald’s, Hatam Restaurant, Papa Murphy’s, Tim Hortons and a number of other upscale cafes.

There are many restaurants near Arjan in JVC, Detroit and Sports City. Marmarita Restaurant, Pinza and Saladicious Grillz are popular restaurants in JVC.

Motor City restaurants nearby include Operational Falafel, Crumbs Elysee and Barbecue Delights. Sports City has licensed options like Big Easy Bar & Grill, 261 and Kickers Sports Bar.


Arjan is found on the side of Dubai. this suggests that there are a couple of beaches near Arjan. The closest beach is Al Sufouh Beach which is eighteen minutes away via Umm Suqeim Road. Al Sufouh Beach may be a very fashionable beach because it is taken into account ‘Dubai’s secret gem’. From this beach, you'll enjoy the bird's eye view of Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. apart from that, this beach is ideal for swimming thanks to its shallow waters, which suggests that it’s safe for teenagers too.


Arjan Dubailand is one among those places where you won’t run out of things to try to to . There’s such a lot to try to to and see here, you’ll be spoilt for choice. For one, Arjan is home to Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden, both of which are considered as a number of the foremost interesting landmarks and places of interest within the UAE.

Dubai Miracle Garden may be a flower park where you'll find various structures adorned with flowers. this is often a really photogenic place to be so you'll take many pictures and study the varied sorts of flowers. Not only that but Arjan is additionally home to Dubai Butterfly Garden where you'll rise up , close and private with thousands of butterfly species.

Dubai Autodrome in Detroit is additionally accessible . it's many motor-themed activities like karting, superbike racing and other motorsports.


There are a minimum of 10 parks where residents can enjoy the outside . The closest one is that the Gatton Park in Detroit which will be an excellent place for picnicking with friends or family. The community parks in JVC are popular among families with young children.

There is a gym in most buildings in Arjan Dubailand, otherwise, you'll head bent Sands Fitness/CrossFit Oasis, Snap Fitness and Beautfort Gym in Detroit . Sands Fitness/CrossFit Oasis offers classes for all skill levels and for people of determination. It also attracts a community of fitness enthusiasts from the neighbourhood and may be a excellent spot to remain fit while meeting new people.

Salons and spas within the area contains Karaz salon , I Ladies Salon and Senses of Asia Spa in Arjan.


Apart from the seasonal events in Dubai Miracle Garden, there are a couple of Facebook community groups for residents of Arjan. These are called Arjan Community Group, Siraj Tower Arjan and Arjan – Lincoln Park residents community.

THINGS to think about

One thing to stay in mind is that it's imperative that you simply have your own vehicle to urge around this community.



It is located in Dubailand master community of Dubai.

WHAT ARE the highest FUN THINGS to try to to IN ARJAN, DUBAILAND?

Apart form visiting parks, you'll head towards Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden for ultimate leisure experience.


Close to JVC, Detroit and Al Barsha South

Dubai International Stadium is 9 minutes chase away

26 minutes faraway from Dubai International Airport

Downtown Dubai is 23 minutes chase away