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New Way Real Estate


Investment is commonly referred to as the invisible engine of the market. For the engine to work, a range of different financial requirements must be met under the circumstances of irreversibility and uncertainty, which necessitates a solid investment strategy. (Read more at: https://www.wowessays.com/topics/investment/)

As humans how will you define investment? What are your takes with that matter?

Maybe some may take it as an important discussion that needs to broaden up, some may take it as a waste of time and effort and maybe some will just hear it and made no comment at all because they don’t care.

We have different views and opinions about investing whether it is good or bad but what matter the most is understanding deeper this word before making a feedback.

But, always paint in your mind that investing is as much as important as your future

Just like what just happened in today’s virus outbreak. Where people are not prepared, and did not see this pandemic in the picture. Many of us was in the state of shocked because they did not know where to get enough funds and they have nothing left in their pockets and don’t know what to bring in the table anymore. But who’s fault is this and who are to blame?

Majority of us blame the pandemic but no one’s blaming for their selves for not saving or investing as much as they could when everything was still normal. People are getting used to into rotational basis and just settle for what was offered during that day and not even try to strive harder or not think any form of act that can benefit them in the future. During this trying time, we can see how important INVESTING is.

Investment is the employment of funds with the aim of achieving additional income or growth in value. The essential quality of an investment is that, it involves ‘waiting’ for a reward. It involves the commitment of resources which have been saved or put away from current consumption in the hope that some benefits will accrue in future. The term ‘Investment’ does not appear to be as simple as it has been defined.

Investing in REAL ESTATE?

Investing in real estate can provide opportunities for investors to build wealth, increase income, and diversify an investment portfolio. Residential investments typically involve homes, townhouses, and condominiums. An investment in commercial real estate might involve the ownership of retail stores, office buildings, or storage facilities and warehouses. Investment real estate can create capital gains for investors due to increases in property value as well as provide rental income.


What will you gain in investing in REAL ESTATE?

The benefits of investing in real estate are numerous and can vary depending on the goal of the investor. How much money to invest in a real estate property can depend on the investor's risk tolerance. Also, an investor's time horizon is important to consider when making such a large purchase or investment.

Some investors invest in real estate to diversify their money away from the stock market.

Investment properties can realize capital gains for investors due to property value increases over time. A capital gain is a profit that results from the difference between the original purchase price and the sale price of the property. Of course, investors can only realize the capital gain after they sell it.

However, prices have risen dramatically over the last few decades as demand for housing has increased. Both supply and demand play a role in earning capital gains from real estate. If there are fewer properties in a geographic region or less supply, property prices tend to appreciate–all else being equal.

Many investors buy real estate for the steady stream of income that it provides. Whether it's a residential or a commercial property, renters or occupants pay the owner each month until the rental agreement or lease expires. This revenue stream can offer a stable income for retirees and others who are looking for an alternative source of income besides income from holding investment securities such as bonds or stocks. Income from real estate can also act as a hedge or protection against stock market downturns and rising prices of consumer goods

Investment real estate can take the form of a piece of property that is in disrepair, or otherwise underdeveloped that is refurbished with the intent to rent the space for a long-term return. The owner of the property might seek financing to cover the cost to improve the real estate and make it more attractive to tenants.

A real estate investor could acquire a property based on an expectation that demand for space will increase because of external factors. New attractions such as a sports arena or infrastructure development, such as a highway extension, could make neighboring properties highly desirable. For example, a real estate investor might buy a commercial property next door to the site for a new theater that is under construction. The assumption is that there would be increased foot traffic passing by the purchased property, which would make the location a prime choice for retailers. The increased demand could provide the owner with the opportunity to alleviate rent prices as well.

How lucky are those have enough resources while the world is still kind and giving and how pitiful are those people who haven’t any enough funds in their pocket and just depend only on their daily income.


Everyone is still at home. While we are asked to stay at home until the quarantine is lifted, I know you are running out of activities to do on quarantine. Watching Netflix, browsing social media, playing computer and mobile games—these are all mainstream. What you need is something productive to make this time worthwhile. If you are looking for productive things to do until the end of the month, let me share with you a couple of activities that will not only get rid of your boredom but will also help you become an improved person at the end of this pandemic. First, invest in yourself from educating to what are really important and reflect to the times like this and focus on what really matters.

As we bid farewell to a challenging 2020, let’s look to the future with strong faith and a positive mindset that brighter days are ahead for all of us.


As early as now, since the loosening of the lockdown and implementation of more efficient health and safety protocols, we are beginning to see signs of that recovery and it is the perfect timing to invest more than spent from fancy materials that will not feed you when everything is rough. Here’s wishing you strength, fortitude, and more blessings for 2021

This year may be challenging, but we continue to look ahead and see a bright future.