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New Way Real Estate


We’ve been locked in our different houses for almost half of the year and businesses and everything around us pauses for a while now but that doesn’t stop us from doing things that fuel our alter ego most specially on doing things that we used to do in our daily routine basis. But amidst the pandemic we should keep going and never use this pandemic to excuse us from being unproductive. Even though we are in a lockdown, and can’t go out just like the old times, use this time instead in studying and reviewing your work and how will you excel and be better at the things that you do.

While 2020 challenged us in many ways, 2021 invites us to step up further, especially in our career. For sure, you want to reach greater heights you’ve never achieved before, more clients, broader networks, and of course, major transactions. The key to making this a reality is to do things differently this year. On top of the new year’s resolutions, you’ve already committed to, start embracing these new habits to better your real estate brokerage practice

With so much information online, anyone can be an “expert” in real estate. If you want to be the real deal for your clients, offering in-depth advice on property investments, you have to know the communities you’re selling inside and out. Start by following what the local government does in the location you’re operating in. Cover the infrastructure projects, zoning rules, and even the traffic management efforts of the city or town you’re in.The real estate industry is rapidly changing, right along with the markets you’re currently in, or thinking about investing in.

Here are the few tips that might help you in dealing with your clients.

Reach Out to Inactive Clients:

It may seem awkward to exert effort on clients who have not contacted you for a long time, but it’s worth the email and call. If you’ll look at your list of inactive contacts, you’ll realize that most of them are not entirely unwilling to make a purchase. They could have postponed the transaction because of a major life adjustment. Or, they probably were looking for options outside the choices you offered.

Given these scenarios, it’s just a matter of checking up on them and listening again to their present needs. You have to be a keen observer and be vigilant on what your clients needs so you can prepare of how you will deal with them after the inactiveness. You have known them but know them deeper.

Practice Your Presentations:

It’s not enough to have excellent presentations. Your pitch should be as good as your material. If you’re having trouble overcoming the nervousness you felt during presentations or negotiations, constant practice will do the trick.

Have a friend or a family member or co-agent act as your stand-in client. Go through your presentation, then evaluate your performance. Ask feedback from them, especially about the words and non-verbal gestures you use. Practice again until you close a deal with your client

Dealing with clients requires more courage and confidence that you have ever thought. For you to be successful in closing projects, you have to be well prepared before and during meeting the clients and showing your portfolio.

Don’t be a picky with regards to your clients and projects. No matter how big and small they are for you, you must treat them fairly and according to your will and heart.

Nobody is perfect, they said, but constant Practice will make you perfect.

Update Your Online Portfolio:

In the age of technology, property seekers get their first information on the web. If they’re looking to do business with you, there’s a good chance they’ll check you out online. Impress them with your portfolio. List your achievements throughout your career. Include your affiliations. Ditch your outdated photo and upload a professional headshot.

As what they have said, we have evolved in technology era where everything you need and want can be seen in the technology.  As an effective broker, you need to adopt, adjust and get along with what is trend in today’s generation. Study and engage yourself of the new technology which helps you in dealing with clients. Do a research of how to be an effective broker in this generation. Do your own branding.

Send a Thank-You Note to Colleagues:

Meeting new people is a common goal for most brokers. But while broadening networks is good, understand that having quality relationships with colleagues is also crucial. As much as you’re adding more people to your circle, make sure that you’re strengthening bonds with them.

One way you can do this is to send a thank-you note to a colleague at least once a month. It could be for a professional recommendation, a free lunch, or an invitation to an event. The bottom line is, keep those professional connections solid.

As an agent, the people who will help you and give you leads is also your fellow agents. You need to have a solid and strong foundation with your co-worker not because you need them for businesses but because having a healthy and positive workplace is also the key to be a successful in every aspect of your life. Positive environment will lead you to success.

Invest in Self-Care:

Brokers are always on busy mode. Some would forget how to rest on the weekends just to seal big deals. It’s good to hustle hard, but don’t forget to take a break also. Being too worked up with tons of work and the pressure that you’re giving to yourself will somehow exhaust you from doing what you love. That’s why it is important also to take care of yourself. Remember that being a broker, your body and mind is your greatest asset that’s why you need to take an extra careful of it. Whenever you think that you are pushing yourself into the negative path, you have to pull back to yourself because first and foremost you are not in competition with others but yourself. Do what makes you happy. After all you’ve been trying your very best in everything you do and it’s important to reward yourself for surviving in every day’s life battle. Rest for a little while or it’s needed, and comeback tomorrow stronger than before. Self-care is necessary for a job well done. Have some therapy. Rest and relax.

Self-care can also take the form of growing your knowledge and skills. Listen to mind-enriching podcasts on your way to work. Do a research of virtual class about online real estate marketing. Invest in your professional growth.

Rest if you are tired but never quit.


2020 was a year of challenges that pushed you out of your comfort zone. In 2021, reach greater heights. Do things differently this year to see better results. Welcome the year with new habits.

The best gift you can give yourself is a career that gives you the life you deserve who can go beyond the rest. You'll have access to many brilliant opportunities to build your wealth and success. It is a step-by-step process and somehow very tricky journey but it’s up to you of how you handle the situation.


Afterall, there is always a light after the tunnel. But above anything else, the best tip that you could use in dealing with clients is always bringing the best version of yourself and be true, talk with your heart, not just because of the thought that you need to close deals. Put your self into your clients shoe and analyze every situation. You are speaking for your own good and your company’s name so speak for facts.