Ahmed Al Bastaki

Senior Property Consultant

Ahmed Al Bastaki focuses on City Walk and knows this project inside out. the key of Ahmed's successful career in land is his expert knowledge of the Dubai market which he has gained over the last 5 years. His extensive experience working within the Dubai housing industry , his wide and ever-growing network of contacts, his professionalism, his commitment for providing superior customer service and his strong negotiation skills has helped him maintain an honest rapport among his clients. For him, land isn't just another business - it's quite buying, selling and building properties. it is a vehicle for changing communities and improving lives. Most of his business comes from referral as within the land industry, reputation and knowledge holds an excellent importance to clients. He treats his clients as he would really like to be treated if he was a client, maintaining standards and keeping the very best level of professionalism. land market is his passion, and that is why he's an investor himself also . Originally from Iran, Ahmed graduated with honours and has retained a Batchelor degree, Dubai. Ahmed may be a specialist in BlueWaters Island and City Walk developed by Meeras, he has an un-comporimised sales diary and exceptional knowledge of those projects. Customers typically choose a brokerage or land agent supported a referral or their previous experience. Ahmed strives on most of his clients deriving from referrals on the idea of; reputation within the market, experience, expertise with a specific sort of transactions and a reputation . He hear his clients needs and requests and provides out of the box solutions for investor's needs.